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Happy Clients

I came to Lauren needing help with my self confidence after issues with relationships. Lauren creates a safe, non judgmental and confidential environment to be able to speak openly which meant we could get to the main part of my confidence issue. Lauren listened kindly and gave me the space I needed to be able to talk through my problems. She also created an environment where I could come up with solutions and practical tips, with her help, to try and implement into my life. Lauren made me feel at ease and is a fantastic coach who not only is authentic and genuine but also challenges in the right way. I’d recommend Lauren to anyone.

K Sharpe

I went to Lauren because I was struggling with my self confidence and I felt I hit a block in my working life. Lauren is so  understanding and creates a place where you feel safe to open up about things you wouldn't to anyone else.

She then helps you through steps of things you can change and I can't count the times I said "I really didn't think of it like that".

She is so authentic in her approach and has really helped me in my next steps in life.

I would fully recommend her to anyone struggling to get past something in their life have it be personal or professional.

Megan T

Being a mum of a 7-year-old, I neglected myself for a very long time, I met Lauren and she encouraged me in many ways, she advised that one day no matter how small, go and buy something small, I did this and for the first time not sure how or why I never felt guilty buying something for myself.

I went on and purchased one of Lauren's workbooks and ever since I’ve been working through this I feel so different in myself I have learnt to balance my life by taking care of myself and teaching my daughter to do the same being mothers and a wife we forget this, Lauren’s life coaching is so amazing learning to love myself again gives me so much more strength, love and happiness to give more in everything I do and this exactly what I’m teaching my little girl.

S Banton



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